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Empowered Movement

Start your fitness journey today with VICTRESS MVMT™ in Lincoln, Nebraska, where strength meets support. Discover women’s strength & conditioning, personalized training, and a nurturing community focused on women’s health and safety.


VICTRESS MVMT fitness methodology is founded on the principle of making sure every stage of a woman’s unique physiology is addressed with evidence based programming. Utilizing progressive overload strength principles, we use intentional progression in sets, repetitions, movements or time under tension to make sure that we are achieving appropriate progress in movement and strength. Every stage of life for a woman comes with changes internally and externally and we are here to make sure that movement within each stage changes to best meet their needs.

Women’s Fitness

Our general fitness programming follows five different cycles ranging from eight to sixteen weeks in length, founded in strength training with cardiovascular stimulus as well.


Prenatal programming program is written with intentionality of pregnancy progression and physical changes of weeks four through forty-two.


Movement in the postpartum healing phase is meant to be slow with emphasis on core and posterior chain activation and strength.

Pre+Post Menopause

Our menopause programming takes into account the fluctuations in abilities to recover, changes in body composition and increased need for strength training.

Our Location

Located in the heart of Southwest Lincoln, NE, VICTRESS MVMT™ is conveniently situated to be your go-to destination for women’s fitness and strength training. Our facility blends the charm of Lincoln with the sophistication of a top-tier fitness center, making it an accessible and inviting place for women of all fitness levels. Curious to learn more? Contact us today for further information and become a part of the VICTRESS MVMT™ family!


Women’s Strength & Conditioning
8245 Cody Dr, Lincoln, NE

How It All Started

When VICTRESS was founded in 2018, by Stasi Grenfell and Stacy Orsborn, the vision was simple: Create a space for women to come together at any stage of their life, especially in the motherhood transition, to find education, community and empowered movement in functional fitness.

Stasi Grenfell Stacy Orsborn Victress History

Our Mission

We specialize in women’s fitness and intentional training for the various stages of the female life cycle.

Founded on the simple belief that movement should be intentional and strength is transformative, we’re here to empower you through movement, thoughtfully programmed to meet you in every stage of life.


Women's Group Fitness Victress


Strength focused; empowered movement is the name of our game. Each programming cycle is built upon the foundations of breathing patterns and core stabilization. Stimulus will vary, but you’ll find a balanced blend of strength training and metabolic conditioning in each workout. Each class is one hour in length and includes a dynamic warm-up, strength training component and workout of the day. All new members are required to complete a comprehensive Onboarding prior to beginning group classes.


The transition into motherhood can be one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. We believe in approaching exercise during this stage of life with intentional awareness to changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy as well as postpartum sets a foundation of success and empowerment for many years to come.

Our Prenatal Program is week specific programming over the course of pregnancy. The Postpartum MVMT Series is a month-long workshop program with the intention to rebuild and connect to your core and major muscle groups, gain knowledge and tools in regards to nutrition and healing timelines, and connect with other women in similar stages of life. Return to Movement Postpartum is a four week program written to fill in the need for a few more weeks of intentional programming after completing the Postpartum MVMT series and before returning to group class.

Prenatal Programming Victress
HERA Perimenopause Victress


Taking into account the average ten years that a woman spends in the perimenopause transition, over half of her life is spent within this stage of life. We recognize the need for movement programming that takes into account the fluctuation and then loss of hormones that have been regulating much of our performance up to this point. Our menopause programming prioritizes strength, appropriate cardiovascular and plyometric intensities as well as balance. We recommend women in this stage of life to lean in, with intention and push harder in your training sessions, while prioritizing recovery and daily movement.


Exercise and frequent activity for youth is critical to their ability to develop into happy, healthy, active adults. Our Intro to Weightlifting program equips our younger generation with the tools to feel safe and empowered when they enter a weight room. Each one-hour class is dedicated to education and practice of basic lifting techniques while building strength and endurance. Limited and Unlimited Memberships available!

Young Athletes Victress
Personal Training Victress


Not quite ready for a group class setting? Considering returning to movement after injury or life event? Prefer more individual attention? Our multi-talented team is also equipped for individual training! These one-on-one sessions are unique to you and your specific goals. Personal Training services are separate from membership. Coach availability and pricing varies.


At VICTRESS MVMT™ in Lincoln, NE, we understand the challenges of balancing fitness goals with parenting responsibilities. That’s why we offer complimentary childcare services, providing a safe and engaging environment for your little ones while you focus on your workout. Our dedicated childcare team ensures a fun, nurturing, and secure space, allowing you peace of mind. This service is available to all our members during designated hours, making your fitness journey more convenient and stress-free.

Victress MVMT Free Childcare
Victress MVMT Infrared Sauna


Discover the rejuvenating power of our infrared sauna at VICTRESS MVMT™ in Lincoln, NE. Unlike traditional saunas, our infrared sauna uses light to create heat, offering a deeply penetrating warmth that soothes muscles, enhances circulation, and aids in detoxification. This gentle yet effective heat therapy is ideal for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and supporting muscle recovery. Immerse yourself in this innovative wellness experience, designed to elevate your health and relaxation in a comforting, low-heat environment.


We value the opportunity to work alongside fellow local experts in our community, aiming to offer education, empowerment, and meaningful connections. Our team comprises dynamic fitness and clinical professionals, each with a wealth of experience in female strength and safety, eager to share their insights. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable vendor or speaker for your event, we’re excited to connect and contribute!

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Event Space Victress MVMT Lincoln NE


Celebrate your special moments with us at VICTRESS MVMT™ Lincoln! From baby showers and birthday parties to workshops and more, our spacious facility is the perfect venue for your private events. With ample square footage, our gym transforms into an ideal setting for gatherings of all types. Interested in hosting your event here? Reach out to us for details on availability, scheduling, and pricing.

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